Ending Support for RUNNIX

Hello everyone,

I have some sad news to mention; I met a "dead end" while working on the next update for RUNNIX. RUNNIX is a fully 3D game, which means that I needed to use software capable of making models for the game. Being that I had a small budget (or rather almost none), I had only two choices: Blender or SketchUp. After being stuck in frustration with Blender, I opted to use SketchUp. This was fine, until a few days ago, when I received a notification that completely ruined the progress made over the last couple of days. I was, unfortunately, unable to export the models due to my termination of a license to export said models. In other words, I can't finish the update, or, at least, for now. In the future, I may find a way to use other modeling tools to redo and import those models into the game, but for now, I will be unable to continue working on any updates for RUNNIX. I don't want to end this on a sad note, so below are some screenshots of models that I planned to add to the game. Lastly, I want to mention that this does not mean that I won't be making games anymore (in fact, I have a lot of projects planned already), but this does mean that I won't be updating RUNNIX anymore or making any more Devlogs on the game, unless something happens that would allow me to continue progress on the game. Thank you all for your support and hope to see you when my next game comes around.The models were to be part of a seaside beach/seaport style level. The above picture is a model of a cargo ship that players would have seen in the seaport section of the level (the bottom of the ship is intentionally represented with low detail because that part would not be seen during the gameplay). The picture below is of more props in the seaport section, as well as some props to be mixed in throughout the rest of the level.