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Avoid cars and roadside objects while hitting exhilarating speeds..........welcome to RUNNIX.

RUNNIX is all about maneuvering your way down a road at an insane velocity. The game puts you in a first person point of view, as you try to reach the center district of the city. This may seem like a simple challenge, but the reality is something much more difficult and fun.


  • Three levels, set in different times of day and with each one becoming more and more challenging
  • A fully 3D enviroment, complete with motion blur effects
  • A soundtrack to listen to as you run through the city streets

Welcome to the exciting world of RUNNIX!

Install instructions

To install the game, just download the file, extract (unzip) the .zip folder, and click the .exe for the game to start playing. Enjoy!

(If you experience any problems with the game, please comment below for the situation to be fixed)


RUNNIX game.zip 32 MB

Development log


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Great Game! Challenging too! i would give 10/10, its a must for people who love challenging game and loved the soundtrack! Looking for more in the future! :)

Thank you!